Your Future Self Is Telling You To Do This Now!

Start taking daily selfies, tag with current bio markers, start training your own AI while contributing to the community algorithm and over time, use these tools to age in wellness.

Each tagged selfie you upload contributes to your ability to monitor, measure and manage aging.

Using AI to Transform Health

Introducing Algomash, the innovative app that puts your health at your fingertips. With just a photo of your face, Algomash identifies biological markers that, in conjunction with AI, access important metrics and key information pertaining to your health such as glucose levels, hydration and more

How it Works

Snap, Tag, Train, Thrive


Snap A Video Clip

Activate camera, frame your face, and snap a quick photo using your smartphone’s camera


Tag Your Clip

Use the tools in this site to pair various health metrics to your photo. Metrics can include hydration level, blood pressure, overall feeling, flu symptoms, even connect to your CGM for blood sugar levels


Train Your AI

Your images and paired data starts to train your AI and over time a Mashup of your aging pattern emerges that can be shared with your healthcare provider for greater insights in time.



Our bodies give off “visual tells“ that our trained AI model uses to give you feedback to dramatically improve physical appearance, improve general health, and aid in life extension – recapture youth.

Sign up for membership – $19.99/month or $200/year

Why Choose Us

Choosing BloomG for Your Health Journey: Unleash the Power of Simplicity and Precision

Seamless Monitoring

Experience a health monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

Personalized Insights

Receive more than just numbers.

Privacy at the Core

Your privacy is paramount. BloomG adheres to the highest standards of data security