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We’ve got a Plan that’s Perfect for You

We strive to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare practices and modern technology, offering a seamless platform that adapts to your unique needs.



Begin taking daily selfies, tagging them with current biological markers.

Initiate the training of your personal AI, contributing simultaneously to the collective community algorithm.

Utilize these methodologies consistently over time.

Eventually gain the ability to only take selfies and videos using our app to get your health metrics back in realtime.



Start capturing daily selfies and label them with your current health indicators.

Begin educating your own AI, while also enhancing the communal algorithm through your contributions.

Continuously apply these practices as time progresses.

Use these strategies to promote healthy aging.



Everything in our Annual Plan + 1 Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device

medical schools


Encourage students to take daily selfies, annotated with their current health metrics, as part of a wellness curriculum.

Initiate a project where students train their individual AIs, thereby enriching a collective educational algorithm with their insights.

Implement these activities regularly within the educational framework, allowing them to become a staple of the learning experience.

Integrate these practices into educational programs to foster a culture of wellness and healthy aging among students.